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Morning Dove


Last update December 11, 2015

Sea of Cortez 2015 French Polynesia 2016

5000 miles+ from the Chesapeake Bay to San Carlos Mexico. I set a plan last year and with a few changes, help from family and friends, we made it. Morning Dove is on the hard for the summer in San Carlos while I'm home enjoying another Alaska summer.


Here is my sailing plan for the Sea of Cortez this winter then South Pacific 2016 and with luck sailing the South Pacific to Australia, New Year 2017 in Sydney.


It's been fast few months in Mexico. Leslie and I had a quite New Years, our days were busy getting the Dove ready for launch as the tides were not in our favor. Managed to repaint the bottom make a few repairs and in the water by January 4th. With sails up we were off to Santa Rosalia and the Baja


March 2016 weather depending I'll set sail for French Polynesia, about a 3 week passage.


I have set port departure dates for Saturday for ease of planning. For most of my plan sailing I'm never more then a days sail from a major city airport served by Alaska Airlines, Loreto and La Paz.


I hope family and friends come and join Morning Dove for a week of sun and sailing the Baja Peninsula.

Sailing Timeline 2016

San Carlos Nov Install autopilot, watermaker, solar & repairs Complete
San Carlos Nov 24 Bruce, Launch Morning Dove, in slip A-13 Complete
San Carlos Jan 1 Bruce, Leslie, Sterling,   Jan 4 Alison, Terry Jan 4 To Loreto
Loreto* Jan 12 Bruce Leslie, John & Dona Norris  To La Paz
La Paz* Jan 20 Bruce, Leslie, Ed & Robin Kornfield To Mazatlan
Mazatlan* Jan 26 Bruce, Leslie, Ed & Robin Kornfield To Puerto Vallarta
P Vallarta* Feb 1 PPJ Seminars Feb 17-Mar 12  Iditarod 2016 Back to PV March 15
P Vallarta* Feb 6 Bruce, Deb & Bob Local sailing
P Vallarta* Mar 20 Bruce, Leslie, Michael, Sterling To Marquesas
Marquesas April 15 Bruce, Leslie, Michael, Sterling To Tahiti
Tahiti May 10 Haul out for the summer To Alaska
    May to Sept 2016 in Alaska  
Tahiti Sep 5 Bruce  OPEN Society Islands
Maupiti Oct 1 Bruce OPEN Cook Islands
Rarotonga Oct 15 Bruce OPEN American Samoa
Samoa Nov 1 Bruce OPEN Fiji
Nadi Nov 15 Bruce OPEN Vanuatu
Port Vila Dec 1 Bruce OPEN New Caledonia
Noumea Dec 15 Bruce OPEN Brisbane
Brisbane Jan 1 New Year Sydney Harbor Bridge Sydney
Sydney Feb 1 Bruce OPEN New Zealand
Note: * denotes airport with Alaska Airlines Destination
           OPEN dates: Denotes dates open for family and friends.


Sailing Timeline 2015

Port departing





Tucson Dec 28 Bruce, Leslie, Josh Complete Drive to San Carlos
San Carlos** Jan 3 Bruce, Leslie Complete San Pedro San Carlos
San Carlos** Jan 10 Bruce, Leslie Complete Across to Santa Rosalia
Santa Rosalia** Jan 17 Bruce, Leslie Complete  
Bahia Concepcion Jan 31 Bruce, Leslie Complete  
Loreto* Feb 1 Bruce, Diana, Deb, Bob Complete To Bahia Concepcion
Loreto* Feb 7 Bruce Complete To Isla Carmen
Loreto* Feb 14 Bruce Complete To Isla Coronados
Mulege Feb 23 Alaska Complete Iditarod Feb 23
Iditarod Mar 7 Alaska Complete to Mar 16
Mulege Mar 18 Bruce Complete Bahia Concepcion
Mulege Mar 21 Bruce, Cob and crew Complete To: Loreto
Loreto* April 1 Bruce Complete To Guaymas change Transmission
Guaymas** Apr 21 Bruce, Leslie, Cathy, Grace Complete Loreto
San Carlos May 20 Haul out Complete Alaska
Note: * denotes airport with Alaska Airlines Destination
          ** denotes airport with local airline service and Ferry from Loreto or La Paz
           OPEN dates: Denotes dates open for family and friends.


Port departing





Yankee Pt.

23 Oct 2013

Launca Barber, Bruce  Complete Shakedown complete

Yankee Pt.

15 Nov 2013

Sam Maxwell, Peter Wallace, Bruce Arv 21 Nov Passage complete

Bermuda BDA

  1 Jan 2014

Leslie Washburn, Launce Barber, Bruce arrive 1-8

Passage complete

St Thomas STT

8-10 Jan 2014

Jerry Wortley, Brigid & company

perfect week complete

Tortola RAD

18 Jan 2014

Divert  San Juan replace batteries BVI Thur 1-22

80mi to Anguilla 1-25

St Martin SFG

25 Jan 2014

Bruce & Launce


Antigua ANU

1 Feb014

Bruce, Launce & Zoran


St Kits SKB

 8 Feb 2014

Bruce, Launce, Zoran, Bob & Robert


Martinique FDF

 15 Feb 2014

Bruce, Launce, Zoran, Bob & Robert


St Lucia UVF

 13 Mar 2014

Launce, Zoran, Bob & Robert

Home for 2weeks complete

Grenada SVG

23 Mar 2014

Bruce solo

350nm to Bonaire complete


30 Mar 2014

Bruce & Michael


Aruba AUA

 06 Apr 2014

Bruce & Michal



13 Apr 2014

Bruce & crew


San Blas

19 Apr 2014

Diana, Mom & crew

1 Week to transit complete

Panama City PTY

26 Apr 2014


1 week transit complete

San Jose Costa R 10 May 2014   complete


17 May 2014   complete


20 May 2014   complete


22 May 2014   complete
San Carlos 25 May 2014 Return to Alaska complete
Mexico Winter 2014/15 Sea of Cortez


The planned arrival ports on this itinerary all have an International Airport or at least an airport you can find a short commuter flight to from a main hub to outer islands. Most dates are set to sail in to port by late afternoon on a Friday and depart the next afternoon or as the group wants.


These dates and ports have been set so family and friends can book their airline reservations and plan where and when to join and leave Morning Dove. I would expect to spend the night, resupply and depart the next day. If there is no one joining the boat this port might be bypassed. Depending where the crew wants to sail and explore.


A typical week would involve departing port Sat 3pm, sail 2-4 hr to remote bay. Anchor and if there are restaurants and entrainment ashore, dingy in and enjoy or cook aboard and relax. Day 2 enjoy a Caribbean sunrise, a light breakfast and plan the day. Sail for a few hours and pick up a mooring in one of a hundred National Parks, swim, snorkel, go ashore, hike and explore or just relax and lunch. Short sail to another remote bay, anchor and rum punch watching for the green flash as the sun sets. BBQ the fresh fish we caught earlier sailing. Day 3,4,5,6 repeat day 2 or create your own.

Most passages between the islands from The Virgin islands to Grenada are only a few hours with great trade wind sailing and easy passage between islands. There are a two longer passages offering vigorous sailing. 8-10 hr from BVI to Anguilla Island, the firs of the Windward island on the way to St Martin and from Grenada to Trinidad.

Most days will involve sailing, swimming, snorkeling, hiking, exploring and a lot of relaxing.


My goal: Learn and become proficient with sailing Morning Dove.   While I'm an experienced sailor, Morning Dove, her sails and systems are new to me and it takes time to learn a new boat. Sailing around the Caribbean is the perfect place before heading into the Pacific and more challenging conditions.


What is the cost to you? Well itís up to you. I would hope everyone would share expenses, food, fuel, dock and mooring expenses. I plan to anchor whenever possible; usually this is free or cheap. Having a slip at a dock with power is very expensive. Set your island exploring by arriving a few days ahead of joining Morning Dove or adding days after you leave the boat to maximize your sailing experience and allot for the most time exploring remote islands, anchorages, snorkeling, swimming ect.


I plan to leave the Morning Dove every 3 months for 2 weeks home. Iím looking for anyone who wants to baby sit and watch over her during this time. Considering the price of hotels this is a great opportunity to lounge in the sun.


Iím hopping family and friends will take advantage of chance for a great sailing adventure. Iíll also be looking for contributing crew to fill in and for longer ocean passages, Panama to Mexico and Hawaii. Stay tuned for developing time line added to this site.