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It's difficult in this electronic and digital age, with computer logs and ever increasing demands on time and of course money to keep up with request for QSL cards but not to worry. If you have been directed to this page by me during a DX contact then you have come to the right place for your QSL card.

Since we all know Armature Radio operators are an honorable lot, I know only those who have had an SSB contact with KL3RK will print and display this QSL card. Choose your card based on mm or am contact. Thanks

Right click on this picture to print your mm QSL card.


Aeronautical Mobile

Right click on this picture to print your am QSL card.

This QSL card link is a photo and best printed on 5x7 photo paper but any paper will work. You should be able to right click the image and print. Fill in your callsign, date/time, band, freq, location and any comments.

Thanks for the contact and if you handled my traffic request a special thanks for the help. I relay on the amateur radio networks around the world for my communications at sea.


Captain Bruce Moroney
                   SV Morning Dove