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Morning Dove

Sailing Itinerary 2014

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3 Aug 2013

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After months of planning I have the beginnings of my sailing itinerary for 2014. And what an incredible exploration and adventure it will be, sailing through the Caribbean and hundreds of Islands, pristine waters and remote anchorages. From Bermuda to St Thomas, the BVIís then east. Will follow the Windward and Leeward Islands to Grenada then south east to Trinidad and Tobago Dutch Antilles, Carricou, and Aruba. Through the Panama Cannel then wandering northwest, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala to the sea of Cortez and Mexico then eventually across the pacific to Hawaii. 2015Ö  This is just the 1st year. Next year down under and with luck west around this blue sphere in five years.

No danger of barnacles growing on the bottom of Morning Dove, will be sailingÖ


Itinerary 2014

November 2013, Morning Dove should be safely berth in Bermuda, sailing her off the east coast before winter set in. January 1st, it will be about 8 to 10 day sail South to St Thomas for a winter long Caribbean and Pacific adventure. The map has my planed route for Jan, Feb and March, more to come.


I plan two weeks in the Virgin Islands. Exploring the USVI & BVI. If joining Morning Dove here, Plan to fly in and out of St Thomas. In the USVI, I can anchor up within a mile of the airport terminal. The end of January Iíll sail east to the Leeward Islands then the Windward Islands. Will spend the first two weeks of February exploring from St Martin south to St Barts, St Kits, Montserrat, Guadeloupe and Dominica, the Leeward Islands. The second half continuing to the Windward Islands, Martinique, St Lucia, St Vincent, and Grenada. All of these Islands have a major international airport and Iím never more than a dayís sail away. I will keep an updated timeline and schedule, on a separate page, just follow the highlighted link and find the week or two you want to sail.


After reaching Grenada the end of February I'll return to Alaska for the 2014 Iditarod. Returning to Morning Dove March 14, we'll continue to Trinidad and Tobago for a week then back to Granada before sailing West. I was planning to sail a group islands in Venezuela but my insurance won't allow it. These next two legs to Aruba then on to Panama should be great sailing legs, all downwind, which make for lazy days in the trades. Fishing and relaxing. 500 miles to Aruba, then 600 miles to Panama. There are some islands close to Aruba will anchor at but the trip to Panama will take 4-5 days on the trades. Colombia will be to our south enroute to Panama but I don't envision exploring those waters. Averaging 6-7 knots I expect to cover a minimum of 100+ miles a day.


Spring its north west along the Pacific coast to Mexico and the Sea of Cortez, before crossing to Hawaii. Iíll spend the summer in Hawaii and in the Fall Iíll sail south exploring the South Pacific. My intention is to end up in New Zealand October 2015.


In the Caribbean I'll plan weekly stops at major ports served either by a major airline or at least commuter service to a major airport.  Additionally Iíll try my best to stick to a timeline enabling anyone planning to join Morning Dove time to plan ahead. I'll try to set the legs north from Panama the same but the trip to Hawaii will take two weeks. Once again that trip should be beautiful downwind sailing on the trades.


What's the hitch

Have fun... Sail and share in the dream.

I have Morning Dove fully insured and as you read about her you'll find she one of the safest blue water cruising sailboats built. The design especially suited for ocean cruising with safety and comfort in mind.


I expect to share expenses, food, fuel, docking, ect and if you add to the cruising kitty for repair expenses it's appreciated.


Iím hopping family and friends will take advantage of chance for a great sailing adventure. Iíll also be looking for contributing crew to fill in and for longer ocean passages, Panama to Mexico and Hawaii. Follow this link to TimeLine and